Quality and safety

We pay attention to the quality!

Whether it is about the security during the transport or about the manipulation with the goods inside the warehouse, the quality is important to us. That is why we are continuously trying to improve and gain the certificates from the relevant area. We want our clients to give us their goods without doubts. Become one of them too!

In the field of quality we have achieved the following successes:


The quality goes hand in hand with ecology. We are interested in how our surroundings will look like in ten, twenty and also in fifty years. Our point is to provide the best services in a way that does not harm the environment and allow us to work sustainably. Ecology and sustainability at our company means:

Social responsibility

Besides our main business we are interested in what is happening not only in our nearest surroundings. Among our projects count for example the support of the National Technical Museum in Prague or long-term financial support of the children's home in Trnová.

Read about our activities in the section SPONSORSHIP


Safety is on the first place in our company. To ensure the maximum accuracy and quality of our services, we combine the latest technology with the thouroughly trained staff. Entrust your goods into our hands without doubts and we will provide you the perfect service!

The safety means for us primarily: