Every success is connected with the certain social responsibility. We do not want to keep all our trump cards up in our sleeves, and that is why we help to those who need our help. Our goal is to create the quality and sustainable environment around us, including the support for non-profit projects. Read about our environmental strategy and our effort to create the sustainable values.

Currently we are sponsoring financially the Children's home in Trnová near Pilsen.

This institution has been in operation since 1951 and it originally included a kindergarten and nursery too. It currently provides comprehensive professional care for children health and preventive, rehabilitative, educational, and social and legal protection. The children nurses and guardians take care of the children in the children´s home in continuous operation. The preschoolers are attending the local kindergarten in Trnová and a special class at the kindergarten where the children are integrated with the other children from normally functioning families and gain experience from theese children. The goal of this institution is to allow the children the transition to the non-institutional care.

Read more information on the websites ww.ddomovtrnova.eu.

Thanks to the sponsorship, there were realized a series of necessary building workings and renovations, but our biggest concern is to ensure a better quality life of theese children by the regular financial support and to light up their faces.

Help with us.
Help with us. Send a contribution in any amount on the Children´s account: 10006-7630-371/0100